How to check radiator coolant level and top up – Ducati Panigale 1199S

One of the complaints about Ducati Panigale is that it is difficult to check the radiator coolant level and top up the coolant. this is mainly because, one, the radiator cap and reservoir bottle cap are right below the side of the front fairing. And two, the semi-transparent (more opaque) sight window inside the front part of the fairing (front wheel area) is difficult to look at.

Even when you can see the fluid, topping up is tricky. Most people are afraid that front fairing needs to be removed. Well, I’m telling you it is actually easy and front fairing does not need to come off.

To me, taking off the side fairing leisurely gives me a zen-like relaxing feeling, and allows me to admire the engineering art that is the Panigale. Since it is not difficult at all (10x size 3 allen bolts, 2x size 4 allen bolts, and 2x plastic clips), I do not mind doing this at all. So it begins with this.

To check the coolant level the easy way

To make things easy, i measured the min and max line on the sight window, and drew similar lines on the other side of the coolant reservoir bottle.

Then, look at the hose connecting the bottom of this bottle to the radiator filler neck. Undo the clip and release the top end of the hose from the radiator. Then, slowly move it downward until coolant is about to come out.

According to Bernoulli principle, that’s the same as the level in the reservoir bottle 🙂 so simply check it against the min-max marks that you just set. Science!

To top up radiator coolant

Simply undo the radiator cap, and fill slowly using a small hose and siphoning principle (or a small hose connected to small plastic funnel if you happen to have one).

If you keep on filling up, it will also go into the reservoir bottle once the radiator is full, so it is recommended to re-check the overflow reservoir bottle’s level once you are done with this.

That easy??


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