Panigale Weightsaving: Remove Panigale mirrors, numberplate holder, and passenger amenities

Planning to go to the track this weekend, I decided to find out what the weights of non- track essential items. So, I went to remove the Panigale mirrors. while at it, I also removed the number plate holder to weigh it.

Guess how much weight can be saved?

Removing the rearview mirrors

Removing the mirrors are quite easy, by removing the two stainless steel size 3 allen bolts (on the inside of the fairing stay). The turn signal connector for each mirror is in the mirror stalk itself, and can be a bit fiddly when reinstalling.

I was surprised to find out that the stem itself is actually metal (or felt like metal). The weight of each mirror is a surprisingly heavy half-a-kilogram due to this. the combined weight of the pair is just over a kilo. with them being located high above at extremities, for a serious day at the track they are definitely worth removing.

Removing the numberplate holder

To remove this, first you’ll need to remove the rider seat, passenger seat, and the toolbag. After that, there are two pairs of size 4 allen bolts: one pair just to the rear of the toolbag, and another pair under the little holes at the front side of where the passenger seat sits. They are black coloured, so finding the may be a bit hard for the first time. Since it is quite a reach to these, I found using the long arm of my allen key and a pair of metal pliers to turn it to work.

There are 3 connectors inside it, white one in the middle for numberplate light, black (labelled DX) for left turnsignal, and black (labelled SX) for right turnsignal. Panigale engineers provided a tidy place inside the stem to slot these connectors. Amazing detail. Such attention. Very bespoke. Wow!

The whole assembly turned out to be about 795 grams (including my number plate), while the toolbag is just over 200 grams. Together they are about one kilogram. Again, at such extreme location on the bike, removing them would yield quite a bit of effect in handling

Passenger amenities

If your bike still has passenger seat and footpegs attached, more weight savings can be had. Replacing the passenger seat with the plastic cover yields negligible weight saving (only around 20 grams), but the footpegs are almost one kilogram for the pair.

Final results

Removing these items yields around 2 kilograms (plus another 1 kilogram from passenger ammenities) shaven from the extreme rear and extreme front of the bike. At such distance from the bike’s centre of gravity, they definitely affect the handling to some degree, and if you are to spend a full day at the track they are definitely worth removing, particularly since it only takes 5 to 10 minutes tops.


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