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Ducati 1199S panigale chinese cheap fairing review

I ordered this set of cheap panigale fairing set from China three weeks ago. today it arrived!

After seeing my brother crashed at the track last month due to a single seater spilling oil and not telling anyone, I’ve made up my mind that the original Panigale fairing set is too precious/expensive to be wasted on track. But since I have to ride the bike to the track (no trailer), race fairing is not a feasible solution.

so I ordered a set of cheap fairing set from eBay seller Neverland-USA (link below). I have heard some good stories about this seller, so after finding a very good deal, I hit the Buy Now button for a set of Tricolore fairing; they wanted xtra for plain red 😦

Took me five hours today to take the old fairings off, wash them, wrap them for storage, and install the new one. the biggest job was removing the metal clips (which the screws fasten into) from the original fairing pieces and installing them to the new one. Almost all holes where the clips go to needed to be enlarged.

The paint is immaculate, and the red hue perfectly matches the original. Huge bonus point to Neverland!

Installing it was not too bad, but it takes a bit of pushing and pulling to make sure the screws went in properly. A lot more effort compared to the original, but it is not a big pain at all. The fit was actually almost flawless.
the only one point where I could not get the screw to work was the big screw on the chin, under the headlight.

Neverland also provided a tall windscreen for free, but I did not put it on since it is black (and I like to use Go Pro on the upper triple clamp).

i’ve also installed the tank cover/protector from Flamingo Corsa (fibreglass item). surprisingly, the white somewhat goes well with the Tri colours.

Too bad after a half hour ride n heavy traffic, the bottom right fairing softened up due to heat.
I heard even some original fairings also had the same melting issue due to heat?

Flamingo Corsa tank cover:


Update 15/15/2015:

I lowsided the bike in November, and that broke the fairing in a few locations. I ordered another set soon after (this time it is all red!!!).

To avoid the melt, I kept the stock lower fairings (belly) as they have been proven to withstand the heat alright).

Six months on and the only things broken (due to vibration) were the rearmost mounting tabs (see picture below). I can superglue them (the material seems to take superglue well) but havent got the chance to. Other than that it has been working perfectly, and taking the fairings on and off have not been a problem. Definitely great for trackdays while keeping the standard look which I really like. The shade of red is slogtly lighter than standard, though (you need to look at it in order to notice it, so it is not bad at all).