Termignoni slip on Panigale 1199S – installing

Due to a lack of judgement, and a good price, I bought myself a set of brand new Termignoni slip on for my Ducati 1199S Panigale.

Installing wasn’t too hard, but it does take time (took two of us around 3 hours) and quite a number of tools:
– allen keys 3, 4, 5, 6
– rachet with extension and allen heads 5 and 6
– 8mm wrench. If you have rachet type wrench it would be very helpful.
– a rubber mallet
– a spring puller with T handle.

The set comes with instructions, so it is pretty straightforward.
But here are some pictures.

First, remove bottom fairings (left and right)


Then remove the rear wheel. This helps a lot in accessing the Y pipe.


Remove 3 allen bolts tat secure the Y pipe (allen key size 5. Use rachet with extension and allen head to make it easier).


Then remove four allen head 6 bolts that secure the mufflers (no photo).
If the front ones (the ones with bracket) are difficult, remove the 8mm bolts that secure the bracket to the mufflers first. After removing the mufflers, the bracket’s bolts will be easier to access.
The right center bolt might be difficult to access. I undid the springs that hold the upper Y pipe to the rear cylinder’s header to yank it loose and create some clearance for my allen head and rachet’s extension.

Undo a few electrical plus (left side), including the exhaust servo plug.


The weight difference between the Termignoni slip on and the stock Panigale exhaust seems quite minimal.



Installing is a lot easier, by first assembling the termignoni slip ons. Rubber mallet is useful in getting the Y pipe into the mufflers.
Leave the bracket off for now, and hook the mufflers to the Y pipe first. Once that is done, install the front bracket and tighten.
Then the center bolts (left and right).


Space resulting from removal of the exhaust valve servo.


Old and new: panigale stock exhaust (left) and the termignoni slip on (right)


The Termignoni slip on exhaust baffles (removable)


With the baffles on, the sound is actually quieter than the stock Panigale exhaust.
With the baffles off, the sound is slightly louder but quite similar to the stock exhaust.

Once install is done, simply plug the up map (an electronic piece that comes with the set) to the plug under the rear seat (inside the toolbox), and turn the bike on (do not start the bike). It will prompt to upload, which you need to push the turn signal’s middle button to OK. And it was done very quickly.

Looking forward to a good ride!


4 thoughts on “Termignoni slip on Panigale 1199S – installing

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  2. Christopher Bertocchi

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