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Ducati trackday – Sentul, Indonesia

Not me, but something I found on the interweb.
Looks very much fun!


Common bolt torque figures for Ducati 1199 Panigale

Common bolt torque figures for Ducati 1199 Panigale:

  • Front axle nut: 63 N.m (46 ft.lbs)
  • Front axle pinch bolts: 19 N.m (14 ft.lbs)
  • Rear axle nut: 220-240 N.m (162 ft.lbs) – SUPER TIGHT!!! Get someone on the bike to weigh it, jam the rear brake, keep gear in Neutral (do NOT put into gear), and unfasten the nut
  • Rear axle pinch bolts: 58 N.m (43 ft.lbs)
  • Front brake caliper bolts: 43 N.m (32 ft.lbs)
  • Oil drain bolt: 13 N.m (9.6 ft.lbs)
  • Oil filter cover bolts; 13 N.m (9.6 ft.lbs)

To tighten the front axle: tighten the front axle bolt, then put the bike’s front on the ground. Bounce the bike a few times to settle the axle in, and then tighten the axle pinch bolts in 1-2-1 pattern.