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Where the end tells the whole story…

As with the end of the Panigale line, I have also decided to end my Panigale adventure (although totally unrelated…).

I have traded in my 2012 Ducati 1199S Panigale with a Blue 2016 Yamaha R1.

Onward to my new adventure!20170916_104812_001


Anatomy of a Track/Race Ducati 1199S Panigale

A lot has gone into my Ducati 1199S Panigale ever since I started owning it nearly 3 years ago.

Most of the modifications are for track, which eventually became race (I did a winter series Sprint races, and annual 6 hour endurance race with 3 riders/bikes team format), but they are meant so that the bike Continue reading

Ducati 1199s Panigale R&G Radiator Guard Install

Got an R&G Radiator Guard for my Ducati 1199S Panigale today, thank you FastBikeGear !

I’ve put off buying this for so long due to the price, but in hindsight I should have done this years ago!
I don’t know why bikes don’t come with this as standard from factory.

Installation is easy, following the supplied instructions. Literally took 5 minutes!

The R&G radiator + oil cooler guard is in two pieces. Combined they weigh 232 grams.

R&G Radiator and Oil Cooler Guard for Ducati 1199S Panigale. They weigh 232 grams

R&G Radiator and Oil Cooler Guard for Ducati 1199S Panigale. They weigh 232 grams

Before installation. Notice how wrecked my radiator is from two years of hard abuse. I should have bought this R&G radiator guard right when I got the bike. Guys, don’t be stupid like me! Buy one now!
Ducati 1199S Radiator and Oil cooler, looking sad after two years of abuse

Transformed in 5 minutes! It looks very nice now. Even my wife said so! Not often a wife said that a bike part that you bought makes it looks nice!!!
Ducati 1199S Panigale radiator and oil cooler with the R&G guards installed. It looks very nice now!