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A little gift from the Dealer!

I’ve never had a bike dealership treated me this way!
Ducati sells experience, I guess, not just bikes.

Thank you Cyclespot Italia!

The shop guy said “I’ve got something for you!”

“Oooh, it’s got a Ducati parts number!!!! I wonder what’s inside??”

“Whoa, what’s this??”



$99 Panigale rearset from China

Some photos of $99 panigale rearsets from Ebay.
It is not bad, and 2 months on it still good.

The pair is about 250grams heavier than the stock rearsets.

I’ve changed the unknown-quality footpeg bolts with 12.9 grade high tensile steel bolts for peace of mind.

And here are how it looks like with rider on.
It certainly makes the position a lot more natural with DP comfort seat, since it raises the feet the same amount as the extra thickness of the seat compared to standard 1199S seat.

And comparison with CBR600RR with Sato rearsets. notice how the panigale’s rearset seems more backward (Typical ducati, although a lot less so than my old 848) and not as high. I personally would prefer 1 inch higher pegs, but it seems these Chinese rearsets adjustability follows the mainstream rearsets similar to other brands in the market.
my brother (who owns the 600 in this photo) unsurprisingly shares my view in this.

A few problems:
1. I had to change the rear brake light sensor to sensor-equipped banjo bolt since the original ducati sensor thread does not match the one on the rearset. banjo bolt was $5 from used R125 Yamaha (with 90 degree cable) and was easy to splice and put on. Bolt length is 10mm, pitch is 1mm

2. Rear brake plunger is slightly off / offset from the rear brake master. This does not cause any movement issues when using the brake though.

3. Metal gearshifter has a ribbed shape, and that hurts my toes. Rubber shift boot (cheap as) and a cable tie solve this issue.