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Ducati 1199S Panigale – Pukekohe Track Play

A little play at Pukekohe Raceway with the Ducati 1199S Panigale


Summer Trackday!

Hampton Downs track, New Zealand.
blistering hot today (25C – 26C i think), running Pirelli Supercorsa SC1 front and SC2 rear, with tyre warmers.
pressure set at 25 psi front and rear warm (in warmers, before track).
Five medium pace sessions, tyre wear was perfect.
Best lap was 1:14.07. heavy traffic in medium group.

Here are few photos from last Hampton Down trackday (Dec 2014).

Pukekohe – 29/03/2014

Good day at the track today.
But I need better brake pads…that CBR600RR keeps outbraking me at the backstraight.

Best today was 1:16.03.
Best theoretical according to Qracing was 1:14.7 as I was improving the trail braking into turn 5 and better drive exiting turn 6 toward the end of the day. So, 1:14 is within the realm of possibilities. Very happy!

2012 Ducati Panigale 1199S – A trackday experience

First time out on the track with the Panigale 1199S. Even with limping right leg (partly healed broken neck-of-femur) I ended up faster than my old record (done on the Ducati 848). And that’s without even trying hard at all.

The bike was just effortless to brake, turn, and accelerate out of the corner.

The ABS did not even kick in once, while the traction control effect was very seamless and unfelt (other than the TCS indicator light coming on). andthe handling is simply sublime, with the bike very confidently handle trail braking into the apex. the turn in is on par if not faster than 848, which is counter-intuitive considering the class difference.

Not my best bike control (especially the acceleration and the gearshift points), but hey that’s fast enough for now!

And here it is chasing a CBR600RR…